Pro Telecom

Dating Profiles

We own and maintain a database of tens of thousands of dating profiles of people, both male and female, based in the Mahgreb and the Near and Middle East.

The database is available for use with dating campaigns. You can use our profiles for a small fee if you have a dating service you want to promote. You can even use them for free if your service is audiotext and you'll let us provide the premium rate numbers for you.

Our database is unique in two ways. First, over 24% of our profiles are women. Second, every profile comes with a personal voice message recorded by the user.

For every single profile, there is a voice recording of the user describing himself or herself, providing contact information, and discussing his or her dating preferences. Tens of thousands of people, all of them provably real: to the best of our knowledge, nobody else in the industry has anything even vaguely close to this.

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