Pro Telecom

Welcome to Pro Telecom

Pro Telecom develops and runs telemedia products and services. Our specialties are interactive audiotext services and interactive TV shows. We've been in the market for over nine years. The portfolio we've built up includes entertainment TV shows, audio dating services such as live chat and offline chat, and audio dramatizations.

Over the years we have generated well in excess of a hundred million minutes of real voice traffic through our own services and our own advertising.

We have rich experience working with domestic and international premium rate numbers. We enjoy excellent long-standing relationships with major international carriers, termination owners, and regulatory authorities.

We can take your ideas, your products, and your revenue streams in new directions. If we can't help you ourselves, we will introduce you to partners who can. We take pride in great customer service and, particularly, in swift action:
if you need it now, we will build it now.

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